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Seattle Sunny Weekly, launched its first edition, was  first published on June 10 , 2011 by Sunny Yam who has been well known in the field of Chinese  newspaper media in Seattle for more than fifteen  years since he worked in the Seattle Chinese News, and about five years ago he also published Seattle Chinese Times. He  now publish the best of  their newspaper around Seattle , Vancouver  areas providing  the regional news and the cultural  community activities, as well as entertainments and Asian  Cuisine to the Asian and also let  American people understand Asian culture  and taste Asian Cuisine . Sunny Yam (206_ 498 -8809 -  Websites is under construction  Sunny Yam (Read President's Letter)

(溫哥華記者愛美報導)烈治文夏日夜市 ( Summer Night Market)513日至 918 2011,一共六十一晚,每逢星期五、星期六、星期日及長週末的星期一晚上7時至午夜12時,假烈治文12631 Vulcan Way(Home Depot附近) 舉行,6月至8月營業時間則延長至凌晨1時。..see more more>

(溫哥華記者愛美報導)Miss Asia Pageant North America July 3, 2011年北美亞洲小姐競選大賽溫哥華賽區選拔賽即將舉行,主辦單位最近假烈治文市Stage One巨星舞台舉行新聞發佈會 see more more>

(本報溫哥華訊) Vancouver  Chinese Song  Competition  : Final  will be held in July 9 2011「新秀歌唱大賽溫哥華選拔賽2011總決賽」的最後八強,經歷連番考驗,終於在數百位參賽者當中脫穎而出,這班新秀同學經已入讀「新秀音樂學院」,現正跟隨星級導師,學習百般武藝,並組成「超級新秀2幫」,於總決賽擂台上展現實力 ,發放全新「聲」勢。...see more more> 

Ken Choi -July 2,2011 -Concert in Vancouver ,has been appeared in HK TV shows for many years蔡楓華1979年因參加歌唱比賽獲獎出道,形象高大英 俊,外表斯文,因曾演唱過香港電臺廣播劇《白馬王子》的主題歌而被稱為「白馬王子」。曾做香港電臺DJ. ...see more more> 

011  the Fremont Fair returns to celebrate community with a toast to summer! Founded in 1972, the Fremont Fair is one of Seattle’s most beloved neighborhood street festivals, featuring a weekend of eclectic activities公演...see more more>


三日四日在西雅圖中心的INTIMAN劇院隆重公演...see more more>

華盛頓州傑出青春小姐總決賽,為芳齡十六歲的Nicole Renard加冕的正是她的姊姊Victoria Renard,芳齡十八歲,是去年的華盛頓州傑出青春小姐,兩姊妹先後奪魁,成為一時佳話。Nicole Renard被加冕成為華盛頓州傑出青春小姐時,現場氣氛熱烈,歡呼聲不絕,Nicole微笑著揮手致..see more more>

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Lisa Yang at the age of 15 won the L.S. Karaoke Ok Contest on the Day  of 17 (Friday) December 2010,  麗聲之夜卡啦OK決賽 十五歲-below. See more more>




佩儀(Gloria Tang) 快將中學畢業了,她正在參與籌備畢業晚餐會,原來她在這方面頗有經驗,曾先後在多個慈善晚宴中當義工。Gloria在學校也很活躍,曾是學校排球隊成員,後來又成為啦啦隊成員.

今年她是Student Council (學生代表) ,責任重大。  ...more detail   Cuisine Restaurant Guide- Seattle Chinatown

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